Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I love hugging. I am naturally a toucher. I used to touch people when talking to them but now I have stopped, probably due to maturity. I am a visual and kinesthetic learner than I am auditory. I tie learning to my feelings. Maybe that is why I am also an emotional teacher. I would always use examples that involves the people I’m talking. I would want to move close to my audience so that they can “feel” me. But lets go to why I am writing this.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


I remember when we almost lost our first child to pneumonia. I and my hubby kept vigil in the hospital as various drips were attached to my baby's body. I was totally shaken and not strong at all so my husband was comforting not only Ini but also " Mummy Ini."
In comes in a matron Who insisted only one Parent should say with a Child. I had never seen my Husband get so angry . He asked politely why one of us had to go out since he was the father of the child. The matron started screaming that the ward was too congested and that he should go out. My husband said he was not moving an inch. He said we both have the same duty to the child. He said a statement in yoruba "Mummy, se eri omo yi a jo bi ni" (mummy, we both gave birth to this child) and he insisted on staying with us. I was trying to calm him down and told him to go out for a while until the matron calms down but my husband didn't even look at me. He insisted he was going no where and won the argument.