Monday, 5 September 2016


When I was younger I thought marriage was everything. I was the girl when asked what my ambition was. It might likely sound like this
1. Get married to a good man
2. Have beautiful Children
3. Take care of all of them

As I grew up I realized that was not all there is to life. I got to know that everyone on earth has deposits in them that God has invested in them to make the world a better place. Whoever you are you have some gifts in you that comes out of you effortlessly, but that’s not the focus of my write up.
I have known many a woman who was brimming with great dreams and desires, in fact burning with them, but as soon as they get married it is as if a fire extinguisher dowsed all their dreams and when you ask them, why have you not written that book or song, started that business or church, written that code or website, gotten a better job or created one, the next answer you get is that “marriage is an handful oh, before I take care of my husband and plenty children, when will I have time to chase any dream. I am in real life.