Thursday, 14 July 2016


I am a public speaker and one of my greatest joy is when I speak to an audience of people. I go up with a lot of trepidation and sweaty palms, but as soon as I start, it becomes a waltz dance and I see myself waltzing until I get to a crescendo. I love to speak to audiences, whether in a school, seminar, or a church. In fact I believe I was created for it. Someone once told me that I speak to her as if she is an audience. Even when I speak to one person, my voice gets so loud and exciting, as I vary pitches and expression, projecting as if on stage. I remember my husband keeps reminding me he is the only one I’m speaking to when we talk in the bedroom, lol, and I tell him “the world is a stage”

I believe the next thing that beats just speaking publicly on my list is speaking about what I love and that is interrelationships between humans. Because of this interest I tend to speak to a lot of young people about romantic relationships and I also speak to married people about marital relationships and I am aghast at the one thing I found out.