Thursday, 17 December 2015

It found Me

I used to have a short brown gown that suited me. It was actually for my elder sister but I 'claimed' it as soon as she travelled out of Nigeria and there is no day I would wear the gown that people will not compliment me on how good I look. The gown was just a winner on me and young me love the attention the gown attracted. The gown was a dress shirt and looked corporate. It didn't expose any skin and had a 'not to special' color, chocolate brown, so I couldn't place my hand on what exactly made it a winner on me. The dress just found me. I remember a time when I wore it to a mini interview with an MD of a company I wanted to work in.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Birth Experience

I want to thank God for the birth of my son through so many struggles. I didn’t deliver on or before my EDD (Expected day of delivery) and I was worried not knowing the reason why. I was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday, 27th of October 2010 but with prayers I fell into labour on Tuesday, Oct 26th  after which I hurriedly went to the hospital. My labour pains became strenuous and constant by 5pm on Tuesday and by 2am on Wednesday, I still haven’t delivered even though the pain was constant and rigorous.
My husband, the doctor, and I agreed together in prayers and by 3am on Wednesday, I delivered virginally a bouncing, big and handsome baby boy. His weight was 4.5kg (10 lbs). It was a miracle. God answered my prayers.
Lesson I Learnt From The Experience;

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Austin (2)

I am sure you have all been looking forward to the concluding part of the story. As I said he still had the effrontery to come to my office on Tuesday. I was at a loss or what to do. I left him in the lobby for about an hour. Dayo, who was a coworker, offered to help me handle him after I told her the story. I said Okay. She went for a while and after talking to him came back to call me ( she literarily dragged me). As i looked at him. A very hateful and vengeful feeling rose up in me ( In fact, If  I  had a gun I would have shot him, but thank God I didnt). He looked at me with a piteous eye and proceeded to tell me he was sorry. Sorry, my foot, my  head screamed.

"How could you do that to a woman who has two children for you,No wonder you insisted on a quiet Registry wedding. You are a crazy fool. " I screamed

My Austin

I always loved to rejoice with those that rejoice and that was my motive as i joined the whole church in celebration of the arrival of a new baby. As we got to the front, the Pastor-in-charge prayed for the baby and stretched the microphone to the father of the baby for his testimony
"Praise the Lord," he boomed.
I jerked at the voice. The voice was so familiar as i stretched my neck to look at the father, I opened my mouth wide enough to allow a ball  of eba. Its not true, i kept repeating. This was the same guy who had dropped a Card and a bottle of wine for me at my office the previous week. He couldn't be married, I reasoned. This is Austin, my Austin.


Wait to get dressed

My son, Inioluwa, (He is 1 yr and seven months) has a habit of running around butt naked after his bath. I always have to chase him before I can get him dressed up. This morning it was quite chilly, so as soon as I bath him I hurriedly pulled him to the room so as to dress him up.
He screamed and struggled so much so that I found it difficult to wear his trousers. I had no choice but to throw him on the bed face down and put my leg on him (to hold him down).

My Love Story (Pt 2)

Yes…. Did I say I called it quits totally. Yes I did with the help of God, and you can trust the devil he continually whispered words of doubt telling me not to loose the guy that seems to love me so much, and to make matters worse, he was still hanging around, but I remained resolute and stood my ground.
At that time I had plans to travel to America for further studies but I felt in my spirit that that was not the step for me to take. God showed himself strong and I got a good job with one of the best banks in Nigeria (though I’ve left the bank now. They are still on top of their game).
My getting the job truncated all my plans for going for my masters and positioned me to meet him. Yes back to our gist.

My Love story (Part 1)

“Aderonke, how are you,” My one and only elder sister said to me on phone
“I’m fine”
“What is this am hearing about you being in a relationship with someone who is not born again,” She accused
“No, I am not in a relationship with him. Its just that I am in love with him.” I Stammered
“You know he is not even someone ready to become a Christian. His denomination does not even believe in the Holy Ghost and so many other things. That love is not love; you better cancel it from your heart. There is more to marriage than feelings” She said matter of factly as she said her goobyes and dropped.
Everyone doesn’t seem to understand me, I moped. Have they ever been in love.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Don’t be the best, Be the only one

I just finished praying that day and I was convinced in my spirit to call it quits with Mr fine guy. I and Mr Fine guy have been in a relationship for a while, though I knew within me it was not heading anywhere. He almost always made me do something I didn’t want and I knew it was not Gods will for me. I knew I deserved more, but my biological belief clock (though a graduate, but still young in age) was ticking. People don’t want to know if you are just 22 but as soon as you leave the university, the next question is when will we come and eat rice oh. So I rose up from my prayer tower (a.k.a my bed) and with a strong resolve, got dressed to go and call it quits for the umpteenth and I hope the last time.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The process

My Son started sucking his right thumb (the original sucking finger) at three months and we tried to stop him but he refused. It got worse as soon as I resumed office from my Maternity leave. His nanny felt it was not a bad thing so she didn’t try to stop him. When it got to a stage I gave up and just let him suck. If you know me, it was not an easy decision for me because I hated it when I see babies suck. In fact as a young girl I believed the mother of any baby who sucked was not diligent enough and I would look at her with disdain as her baby sucks. Now it happened to me and in my heart I started apologizing to every woman I had given the bad eye.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015



If you are hot, sexy and worldy wise in sexual matters, you might capture a man/womans’s body. If you are intellectually capable, reasonable and exciting you might capture a man/woman’s mind but who can capture a man/woman’s spirit. That question remains to be answered.

The spirit of a person is a very deep part of him that form a basis of all he/she his. What is ingrained into his spirit transmits through the mind and to his actions. Everybody has a spirit and the spirit responds to a who or what. Man was created with a deep yearning for a higher power. That is why everyone has a God or a god. There is something we reference as a higher power. Even confirmed atheists believe in Karma, Reincarnation and some weird stuff.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


  I will be sharing some secrets of a happy marriage and trust me, it is not only for married people. I personally believe singles will benefit more since they have all the time now to prepare ahead. So today we will be talking about the topic “ Having the same Love.” See this.

I have realized that there is nothing as beautiful when two people love the same thing, person, profession or anything.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


I am a cool, calm, and collected most times but whenever I am at the verge of giving birth, I am not cool at all. I keep screaming, shouting, and acting like a bozo. My two birth experiences were not really Hebrew in nature oh, it was correct Nigerian edition. I would be acting silly and professional at the same time. When the doctor tells me to place my leg in a certain position I will try to tell him scientifically why I can’t place my legs that way. If I’m told to relax or stop doing a particular thing I will ask the nurse or the attendant why I have to take that action or tell them they are being unfair (in Yoruba language). I am not a cooperative Mum at all during Labour.

Thursday, 10 September 2015


 The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone---Especially Ourselves (cover photo)
I, honestly don’t know who to put the blame on in the society, don’t know if it was the books I read, the movies I watched, the friends I kept or the people who knew the truth but allowed me believe in a lie. As a young girl I was a book fan, I could read anything, especially when it came to soft articles, novels and any other exciting read (take out academic book oh). I preferred reading a book to watching films. Watching something of a screen, I believe makes one lazy, the TV does all the thinking for you. There is something exhilarating about reading a book that makes your imagination go wild, when a face is described as remarkable you try to imagine the outcome of all the features mentioned and you believe the face is so bland it could never be remarkable. There is also the joy of giving the book the ending you want because the writer was so dumb to make the heroine die or live, depending on if you like her.

I was a member of a novel club and I was known and respected there because if I borrowed a big book today, the next day I could return it because I had finished reading it. The clerks would look at me doubtfully as I paid for another one, wondering if I didn’t read it and just wasted money borrowing it to prove a point. I read a lot of John Grisham, Agatha Christie, Barbara Cartland, Jeffery Archer (how can I forget Kane and Abel), Danielle Steel, Jayne Ann Krentz, Nora Roberts, Sidney Sheldon(I was hoping I could get a hug from him before he died but couldn’t) and too many I can’t remember but they all lied to me.