Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pain Is Ur Friend

We all hate pain, I do too but sometimes it is inevitable and very useful. Pain gives us an alert that something is wrong. A man who does not experience any pain whatsoever might be on his way to the grave and not even know. No wonder we hear stories of people who are one minute hearty and healthy and the next minute they slump and die. Autopsy might reveal a disease which was there all the while but because there was no pain, he THOUGHT he was okay.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

20-80 Principle (No be Pareto)

Hmm, it’s time to talk to married couples, both husband and wife. I heard my Pastor say a long time ago, before I got married that no matter how good a man is. He is not likely to be more than 80% of all a woman wants in a man. He also said no matter how good, nice or beautiful a woman is, she is not likely to be more than 80% of what a man wants in his woman. This got me thinking and I realize that as humans we always expect more from people than they could actually give.

When I was young I had a Super Mom , who had a great business, was educated, caring and loving and I felt I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a mom like that(still do*winks*). One day, a girl’s mom came to visit when we were in primary school and she was looking so fly. She stayed abroad and came to Nigeria on a visit. She didn’t look like a Mom, she looked like a model and everyone in class peeped out the window to view the woman, who wore a hug, tight fitting jeans, and hoop earrings. At that moment I wished my Mom was that hip. I felt I would be more proud of her, though I don’t think that way again. That made me know that no one can fully satisfy you among humans.

A man went to a Pastor to complain about his wife of 15 years. He sat down in the office and stated his complaints.


It happened a long time ago but I never forgot that incidence. I was in secondary school when it happened. I schooled in a federal school located in Ikirun, Osun State but I lived in Lagos, along with about 30% of the schools population, because of this large number, Parents of students who resided in Lagos had a Local PTA meeting where they met in Lagos from time to time. In one of their various meetings they agreed to always send a luxurious bus to pick us at the school at vacation. The bus will drop us at a venue in Lagos where our parents will be waiting to pick us. The programme went on without a hitch until a particular episode when we arrived Lagos very late in the night. The parents in Lagos were worried wondering what befell us on the road.
This incident took them back to their drawing board and the cause of the problem was sought. On every vacation day, we had breakfast in the morning, afterwards, a long assembly and from there we proceed to our classes where we were given our reports cards. It was noticed that all these preliminaries delayed us and would make the bus leave Ikirun late and any other hitch on the road would make us arrive Lagos very late into the night. They made a decision which was horrific to us. They decided all Lagos bound students going with the bus will have to wait an extra day after vacation so that we could leave Ikirun very early the next day.